HP Pavilion DM1Z (E-450)

HP Released Pavilion DM1Z (E-450)

HP Pavilion DM1Z (E-450)In the past few months, the demand for laptops has been decreasing due to the rising demand of the tablet computers, but that is not stopping company HP in making some new deals.

The new HP Pavilion DM1Z (E-450) gets several improvements which includes the options for both Intel and AMD processors, HP’s Beats audio system, and a new rubber finish all for a price that makes this laptop so attracting in the first place.

Instead of having the plastic or titanium shiny back laptop design, which is becoming played-out, HP comes out with a new extra ordinary finish –Rubber. Printed over the plastic frame, the bottom and lid gives a very interesting texture just like handling a rubber ball.

The HP Pavilion DM1Z (E-450) maintains the 11-inch screen, the 1,366 x 768 resolution is maintained as well. The Pavilion also retained the full-size Chiclet keyboard from its predecessor, the original DM1Z, because consumers loved it and it is one of the best in the laptop category. Pavilion has a new clickpad though, with a dedicated mouse buttons and clickpad. The original is a bit problematic.

Some features are also retained; the three USB ports, VGA, Ethernet, HDMI, and multimedia card reader, 320GB hard drive which is upgradeable to 750GB. The new addition in this laptop is in the audio system, is has the HP’s Beats audio system improving the base and volume levels. The Pavilion also automatically eliminates programs during start up to speed up boot times.

Pavilion DM1Z (E-450 is powered by one of AMD’s first Fusion APUs, the E-350 (1.6GHz). HP is also offering a ULV Core i3 option, for Intel enthusiasts. No increase in the battery capacity so you still expect 8 hours of battery life.

Pavilion DM1Z with AMD E-350 and 4GB of memory will start at $399. Intel version with an optical drive will start at $599.

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