HP takes a preview of its newest line of all-in-one PCs

HP recently revealed some of its new items such as convertible PCs and Windows 8 Ultrabooks. Now, the company is showcasing its latest all-in-one PCs.

This coming fall, HP’s newest breed will be launched – HP Pavilion 20, HP Spectre One, HP Envy 23, and HP Envy 20 TouchSmart. These gadgets, like all other Windows 8 PCs in the market, include features like NFC technology and multi-touch screens. However, there’s more to these items as they are more affordable and simpler.

For one, the HP Spectre One, is perfect for those people who are searching for a top-of-the-line PC. It comes with a wireless track pad to navigate through Windows 8. It features its 23.6-inch full HD non-touch display. In addition to this, this is the thinnest all-in-one PC of HP, including an HDMI connector, two USB 2.0 ports, and two USB 3.0 ports.

Moreover, Spectre One is featuring the latest processors of Intel, which can be configured with more than two terabytes of storage. The PC is projected to be in the market by November at a $1,299 price.

For HP Envy 23 and Enyv 20 TouchSmart, these PCs come with a 23-inch and 20-inch HD touchscreens respectively. They also provide third-generation processors from Intel, built with more than 3 terabytes of storage.

The two PCs are expected to be released by October with Envy 20 at $799 and Envy 23 TouchSmart at $999.

If you are on budget-constraints, HP Pavilion 20 will work for you. It is simpler, more budget-friendly with a feature of 20-inch HD non-touch display. It provides up to two terabytes of storage. The selling price is only $499, which will be available by October.