HP Plans to Transport WebOS to Netbooks

HP obtained Palm with the goal of transporting the company’s webOS mobile working scheme to a quantity of dissimilar shape issues, counting phones, tablets, and even copiers. We can currently add one extra to the catalog: Netbooks.

HP lately in print a place of teaching resources for mobile transporters to assist in instructing salespeople concerning the technological qualities of webOS and Palm plans. One of the compensation of webOS that is temporarily tinted in the preparation is the platform’s aptitude to sprint on manifold plans that can simply converse with each other over the Internet. The exact shape issues scheduled in the preparation are phones, tablets, and Netbooks.

HP WebOS Netbooks(photo via: geeky-gadgets.com)

The webOS stage appears similar to a forceful option for a netbook. It would place the web front-and-center, greatly like Google’s Chrome OS, but it would also give an extra total calculating knowledge out of the pack—by providing a baseline set of well-integrated requests and a stronger base for organization restricted software. It too appears like a high-quality applicant for HP to take on as an instant-on friend working scheme on its Windows-based note pads.

HP has listed an occasion for February 9 at which the corporation is predictable to reveal particulars concerning its webOS hardware roadmap. It’s not obvious so far what will be proclaiming, but it’s extensively supposed that a tablet will outside at the occasion. It’s likely that a Netbooks is too on the method.

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