CEO: HP is Open to Licensing WebOS Software

Chief Executive Leo Apotheker said that Hewlett-Packard Co. observes the WebOS software it got from Palm running gadgets also its own and is open to licensing the operating system.

Apotheker who was talking at the D9 conference organized by the blog AllThingsD said, “I happen to believe that WebOS is a uniquely outstanding operating system. It’s not correct to believe that it should only be on HP devices.”

Inquired if HP would think licensing it to others, like Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC Corp, Apotheker said, “It is certainly something we would entertain.”

The ambitious preparation for WebOs approaches as HP is cogging up to launch its 9.7 inch TouchPad tablet, which is based on the WebOS software that HP got last summer in its $1.2 billion buy of handheld gadget pioneer Palm.

HP WebOS SoftwareWebOS is broadly showed as a tough platform, although HP faces an uphill fight to increase traction in the mobile market.  Its products are incoming late to a market previously crawling with rivalry from Apple Inc. and gadgets based on Android of Google Inc.

He felt sorry that the company did not get Palm and WebOS to market closer.

He said, “Right now we are focused on getting it out in the market to gain the credibility.  WebOS will also be adopted by many partners who provide services to small and medium businesses.”

HP which as well prepares to include the operating system into every printer valued more than $100 together with utilizing it to run smartphones, desires WebOS to be the No. 3 operating system, following iOS of Apple and Android of Google.

Apotheker said, “It didn’t catch on because Palm didn’t have the resources to create the final quality nor could it get distributed widely enough to make it credible.”

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