HP Will Get Printelligent

The two companies said technology giant Hewlett-Packard will get Printelligent to strengthen its situation in controlled printing services for business clients.

A statement said that a contract between the two will allow HP to obtain all of privately-held Printelligent’s assets, counting infrastructure, software and personnel, the parties.  HP will join those assets with its obtainable sales channels and wider services.

The agreement will provide HP extra power in giving clients united management of big quantities of copiers, printers and fax machines. Companies with several employees frequently outsource this job, identified printing services, to systematize documents, lessen hardware dependency and enhance work effectiveness.

The 23-year-old company says on its website Printelligent has customers in 728 U.S. cities and controls around million printed documenter each year.

In 2009, it would form an innovative group to intensify controlled print services and begin a program to assist business customers lessen printer hardware.  The company previously presented printing services at the time, although the devoted business unit was anticipated to put in to that concentration.

HP Will Get PrintelligentVyomesh Joshi, company executive vice president said, the achievement of Printelligent make stronger of the services of HP especially for little and mid-sized business customers.  Joshi projected “a level of technology and experience that is unprecedented in the industry.”

Market research firm IDC predicts, that medium-sized companies propose the most probable as customers for controlled print services, with anticipated compound yearly increase rates of 14% to 23% over five years.

The statement said, the two companies would not reveal financial terms of the achievement, which is anticipated to turn into final in fiscal third quarter this year of HP.

photo credit: news.brothersoft.com

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  1. August 10, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    We have based our managed print services around the example set by Printelligent for some time now and we welcome this collaboration. It’s great to see that giant blue chip companies like HP realise that efficient systems that match with companies CSR objectives is the way forward and are investing in companies that had taken this approach some time ago.

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