HTC Corp. on the move to increasing sales in China

The smartphone maker from Taiwan, HTC Corp. is now strengthening the company’s engineering team in China and extending its sales channels to take hold of a part of the smartphone market in China. This is because it still continues to do great effort in the European and US markets in the midst of strong competition from Samsung Electronics Co. and Apple Inc.

The move to go to China appears to be natural for the company. However, at the time of its superiority in 2000, HTC focused on the Europe and US, increasing its market share as the principal adopter of the Android OS of Google and the first to offer touch-screen phones to go against Apple’s iPhone.

The HTC head for China operations, Ray Yam, remarked that the sales for smartphone in China are projected to increase to three hundred million units by 2015. This is more than twice the existing 150-170 million units they are expecting to be sold this year in China. In addition to this, Yam stated emphasized that in the previous years, HTC has put up 2,700 branded counters all over China, which they expect to progress to 3,500 by 2013. However, it does not have the level to compete with Samsung when it comes to categories such as marketing expenses.