HTC Favored by German Court in Patent Case Filed by Nokia

Friday, the German court has favored with HTC Corp, an android smartphone manufacturer, against the battle of patent case filed by Nokia Corporation.

Two patents were infringed by HTC according to Nokia but the judges had not been convinced with the allegations and had to favor with the Taiwan-based company.

2 Patents in the issue:
First, the “Method” or EP0812120 patent, which uses the telecommunication network services, system and terminal.
Second, the “Electronic Display Device and Lighting Control Method of Same” or EP1312974. It is the way of light control of the displays of the electronic devices.

According the The Wall Street Journal, HTC Corp released a statement after the ruling of the German court saying that the patent case filed by Nokia Corporation was dismissed.

The Taiwan-based company said that it ”believes that Nokia has exaggerated the scope of its patent in order to extract unwarranted licensing royalties from Android handset manufacturers.”

“We are gratified that the court apparently shares HTC’s view and that, given the positive ruling of non-infringement today, the Android platform is now safe from oppressive enforcement of this patent.” the HTC spokesperson added.

htc and nokia patent case

Nokia Corp also released their own note in response to what HTC have said through Spokesman Mark Durrant stating “We are considering our options. More than 30 further Nokia patents have been asserted against HTC Corp in other actions in Germany, the U.S. and the U.K. and we anticipate that we shall prevail in these.”