HTC revenue on a lower rate

HTC revenue on a lower rate

The smartphone maker in Taiwan, HTC Corp., reported on Friday that there is a fifty-eight percent fall in its second quarter revenue. This is the third straight quarterly decline of the company at the same time as there is an intensifying competition of sales from Apple Corporation and Samsung Electronics Co.

According to HTC, their profit came to 7.4 billion New Taiwan dollars or $248 million from the profit of NT$91 billion within the three several weeks through June. It has reported a seventy percent decline by the very first quarter along with a twenty-six percent drop by the final quarter the previous year.

Searching ahead, HTC predicted its third quarter profit of about NT$70-80 billion, which is lower by 41 to 48 percent in the same period the previous year..

According to the Android operating system of Google, HTC is continuing to grow on the effectiveness of the style of its mobile phone models. However its sales have rejected in a market progressively centered by Apple Corporation. and Samsung Electronics Co.

HTC is hoping to regain a number of its market using the launch of HTC One series, which will provide its customers a much better music and camera experience. However,after following a huge recognition of the Galaxy mobile phone models of Samsung, the model’s key U.S. carrier, AT&T, has previously cut off the costs of “HTC One” by half, and this could hurt the revenue of the company.

HTC is identified as a youthful global company which only began building its very own brand in 2006. According to the HTC chief financial officer Chang Chia-lin, HTC is required to continue to work harder to be able to get consumer preference because of its mobile phone models in a very competitive and risky market. Additionally, Chang stated that America will still remain a very significant market, but emphasized that China remains to be a key driving pressure for its future growth.

Moreover, Chia-lin refused to discuss if the Chinese market’s preference for low-finish, low-listed mobile phone models would drive lower the overall revenue of the company.

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