Instagram and Tumblr CEO talks

On Monday, the Chief Executive of Tumblr David Karp and the Chief Executive of Instagram Kevin Systrom have given a few clues on the steps their services will be taking or not taking at a San Francisco conference.

According to Systrom, he was not really affected on the issue that Twitter will be adding up photo filters to its service. It is known that Systrom has previously sold his photo-sharing site to Facebook. Instagram, according to Systrom, is said to owe some of its accomplishments to letting people change the appearance of their photos through the use of filters.

In addition to this, he emphasized that he is not expecting an Instagram version for video services anytime soon. He stated that it takes a long time for videos to be edited and are difficult to configure.

But, Systrom is making sure that his company is working on procedures on how users can navigate and look for relevany and important photos in a quicker way.

On the other hand, David Karp had discussed regarding the reason behind his service not providing a mechanism for commenting on Tumblr sites. According to Karp’s words, the lack of comments on the site was made intentional in order to avoid nasty comments from unknown people.

As a result, the company came up with what they have called “fan mail.” In this way, a person can send a response to an author in Tumblr, along with an electronic postcard that the comment-maker designed.