Instant Video App now available for iPod and iPhone

Now that Google Maps is brought back to Apple devices, there is still more about Apple’s devices that users will be glad to hear.

Today, Apple announces that iPhone users will now have access to TV shows, as well as movies through

On Thursday, the Seattle-based online retailer had announced the early arrival of the application called Amazon Instant Video for both the iPod touch and iPhone devices.

The users can now gain full access to any video content with the use of this new app. The video contents must be purchased or rented from Amazon to have the full access. On the other hand, the users cannot make any new rents or purchases from the application itself.

Additionally, Amazon Prime members have the access to the Prime Instant Video catalog of the company. This included over 30,000 pieces of content available for the users to watch at anytime, anywhere.

Upon using the app, the video content is being streamed from the cloud. Also the users can actually download the items rented or purchased on Amazon. In order to do this, the user needs to pick up the content he or she wants and on the next page, the user will be asked to press the icon with a downward arrow.

This app has been available to users of iPad for quite some time now.