Intel Confesses Having Errors on Their Intel 6 Series Chipsets

Intel has accepted that a core-logic insect depends in the Intel 6 Series chipsets. The Intel 6 Series chipsets codenamed Cougar Point are the ones that sustain newest Intel Core series based “Sandy Bridge” microprocessors. The insect depends in Cougar Point’s Serial ATA Controller that contract with firm drive and ocular drive. Intel has knowledgeable its motherboard manufacturing partners and is dedicated to work intimately with them for recall-replacements.

The center concerns lies in Intel 6 Series Cougar Point chipset’s SATA controller that connects to the system hard drives and the optical drives. When several customers informed Intel about the issue and then Intel performed tests again on the chipsets at its labs. Apparently, the issue was the failure to access SATA access ports 2 to 5. Hence all the early adopters of Intel Sandy Bridge supporting Intel P67/H67 motherboards with Intel 6 Series chipsets are recommended to connect hard drives with SATA access port 0 to 1. Also, the failure doesn’t exist in every chipset but only in certain ones and that too over a period of time.

Intel 6 Series Chipsetsphoto credit:

Only few of the 8 million Intel 6 Series chipsets that were shipped till date were actually bought by customers.  That is why they will recall the Intel 6 Series chipsets with errors from the distribution channel and regress with fixed editions of the sam

Characterizing the chipsets as “circuit design over sight”, Intel has already started manufacturing their new versions.  Intel’s merchandises that are scheduled to publicize later this year will not be involved in this issue.  Make sure you purchase a fixed version if you plan to buy Intel P67/H67 motherboard.