Talking Cars Could be a Life Saver

The newest crash evasion scheme I tested in Detroit last week ranks between the most charming although covering the auto industry I have already observed several amazing technology over the years.  It is named as Intellidrive.

Utilizing technology urbanized over the preceding nine years by a dozen foremost automakers functioning in conjunction with the federal government, Intellidrive essentially revolve around cars “talking” to each other. Good enough, they are not factually talking similar to the car in Knight Rider, but they are conversing.

Cars utilizing GPS receivers and WiFi signals are continually sending out information regarding their site and rapidity. As those signals rebound other cars on the road or traffic signals at intersections, your car advises you when you are about to collide.

The situations where Intellidrive works to stay you from colliding are diverse.


I was at a sightless crossroads and couldn’t notice a car forthcoming at about 35 miles per hour when I tried it.

Immediately as I was about to go round into the path of the approaching car, Intellidrive advised me to slam on the brakes.  In a split second the scheme saved me from being sideswiped.

There is no hesitation in my mind this technology will soon stop millions of accidents and possibly save thousands of lives. There were 5.2 million accidents in the U.S. that wounded 2.2 million people and killed one more 33,808 in 2009 according to the new data on crashes. That can help a lot to one crash every six seconds.

Because of Intellidrive could we prevented accidents, injuries and deaths? It is too difficult to say. However I do know that the base technology I experienced out in Detroit will work. It is a hit the highest point into the upcoming that moves us nearer to cars driving themselves, other than that’s an entire dissimilar subject with a dissimilar place of issues, several of which drivers would not like it.

The “talking” car is coming, create no mistake. It will resemble be 6-7 years before Intellidrive is normal on all latest cars, other than it is coming.

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