Intel’s New Ultrabook Costs Almost $1,000

intel-ultrabookIntel Corporation, the world’s largest chip maker announced today the new “Ultrabook” under development with its technology will cost around $1,000, but the price is expected to fall down to $799 in the coming years.

A price that high (expected to be slimmer, lighter and faster than other conventional laptops) would bring Ultrabook closer to tablets in terms of pricing. The company is not expecting these new units to be in the direct competition as they also cater to different categories of consumers with different needs.

Mooly Eden, Intel Vice-President and PC Client Group General Manager, said “Initially, the Ultrabooks should be priced in the sub-USD 1,000 (Rs 45,000) category. But the prices should come below USD 799 and even further lower in the coming years,”

At the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2011, Eden said to the journalists that the price around $1,000 could be too expensive for the budget of consumers, but their objective was to make the new device available at a lower price that works for users.

Intel expects to release the first phase of the roll-out of Ultrabooks this year with the second generation core processors and will be followed by the third generation Ultrabooks powered by the “Ivy League” processor next year, and in the final phase in 2013, it will be followed by the Haswell generation processors.