Internet Browser Logs Discovered iPads with iOS 6

iPad 3 iOS 6Apple Inc. employees are now testing out the next generetion of the iPad tablets, anticipated to be launched on Wednesday.

There’s an evidence that appears to prove that it is real – together with the information on the latest version of Apple’s iOS mobile os. A report from Ars Technica shows that Apple staff are already surfing around the internet using the anticipated iPad 3, operating with iOS 6.

Upon reviewing the server logs in preparation for a browser statistic report, staff from the tech website found out that numerous visits came from a machine having a rare screen resolution of 2048×1536. In case you have not been checking up on the very rampant rumors concerning the iPad 3, this is the precise resolution of the latest Retina Display likely to be as part of the next generation tablet.

Confirming that Apple staff are testing out the latest iPad, that ought to really be clear by now, the logs revealed something much more intriguing – the log records in question shows an iPad operating “OS 6_0,” probably implying that Apple personnel are as well testing the iOS 6.

“We don’t think Apple plans to release iOS 6 along with a new iPad this month, but it seems clear that the next major version of the operating system is on the way,” according to the site. However, Apple may present a preview the latest Operating system at its event on March 7.