Internet Users Spend Much Time in SNS

It is inevitable that people are now so into Social Networking Sites that they are more fond of having a lot of time logging in to SNS such as Facebook and Twitter. People are now spending less time in checking their emails, reading news, and going to traditional online portals because they are much focused in SNS.

The latest Nielsen Internet research shows that people are spending 23% of their time in social networking sites. This is a drastic change in over a year having its numbers increased by 7%. Among the other online categories, like checking emails, using Web portals, and playing games, visiting to SNS is the only category that has increased its research results.

Second to SNS, playing online games which garnered 10%, which is to be considered rather low in number compared to the 23% of SNS. This can also be interrelated to the fast-rising popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, which caters its users to online games like Farmville. The second position was previously obtained by the category of checking emails.

Checking emails is ranked third in the said research result. It only garnered 8.3% of the user’s time in an online activity. Using Web portals took the last place having only 4.4% of the user’s time. Landing pages on Yahoo or MSN is not much of a focus among users nowadays.

This research result is a clear view that users are spending much of their time on SNS rather than going to Google or any site. According to the research, even though a user visit Google page every now and then, the time that the user spends on visiting the page is low compared to visiting a Facebook account.

This also gives us the idea that the new trend in the Internet world is fast-rising. It races its rank on the number one spot against its known competitor, the traditional Web use.