iOS 5.0

Sneak Peek for iOS 5.0 this Late September

Mostly Apple pursues its yearly product cycle program faithfully.  From the previous two years Apple has been providing a sneak-peek of the main iOS edition updates in the month of March each year. Apple opened iPad 2 tablet with 1GHz chip prior this month but stayed reserved concerning the next major iOS update.  According to two solid sources, at this moment, TechCrunch has stated that Apple has postponed the start on of iOS 5.0 until in a while this fall, Sept.-Oct. Consequently, Apple would not be viewing latest iOS update this month or the following month.

The iOS 5.0 will be a foremost overhaul of the operating system and would be seriously put up around Cloud computing. In fact, sources cite that in the first week of June Apple will first create a major Cloud computing connected proclamation at Worldwide Developer Conference 2011.

iOS 5.0
We stated more than a week already concerning the plans of Apple to release a free edition of revamped cloud of MobileMe-company based information sync and support service. At this moment the latest buzz regarding strategy clue of Apple that the company would be speaking majorly concerning its Cloud-connected offerings at the WWDC 2011. The company in North Carolina based Data Center is projected to begin sustaining Apple’s cloud-based services in Fall this year. That’s the time when Apple frequently launches innovative iPod models and this time, we be able to anticipate a latest music “locker” service. So anticipate several major music connected announcement this Fall.

This major revamp is projected to be exposed at the WWDC 2011 and we may find to observe the forthcoming iPhone 5 coming back to the iOS 5. The Mac OS X 10.7 Lion operating system is also projected to be released at the convention.

Apple is look forward to announce free MobileMe with a group of other Cloud services, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion release, iOS 5.0 preview and the iPhone 5 to summarize the anticipations from WWDC this year.

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