iOS 6 Maps cuts exclusivity of Google, Apple opening door to other apps

The latest Maps found in iOS 6 launches an innovative turn by turn navigation for walkers and drivers. However this opens up transportation and other specific directions to third parties, which cuts the exclusive joint venture of Apple and Google for all kinds of directions for the first time.

The strategy of Apple to take its Maps alone in iOS 6 was primarily illustrated by wanting to wipe Google off the map with the use of iOS 6.The second section explained the procedure of the company on handling vector graphics to significantly enhance the experience of Maps in iOS 6. The third section described the process of Apple with regard to supplementing features of 3D Flyover to relocate the Street View of Google.

For the directions area, Apple is in the same way cutting Google out of its main place as the elite source of iOS Maps directions. In 2009, Google launched itself the latest Maps Navigation for Android 2.0. It has a series of new features for mapping, which include voice search, searching for products alongside a schemed method and 3D models, and a voice prompted turn by turn navigation features.

Initially, Apple emerged to set to take on Google’s features with its Street View feature last year. A spokesperson from Google explained that Apple is a close partner as there are millions of iPhone users experience Google Maps. Additionally, the search engine giant is committed to continue to work together with Apple to bring forth modernization, with Navigation and Latitude’s accessibility.