iOS 6 on Apple devices after a day of availability

Apple stores are now full of iPhone 5 buyers. The new iPhone’s biggest feature is its bigger screen and ligher weight. It also comes with iOS 6, which is now available to millions of users.

According to a tracking conducted by an online advertising network, iOS 6 is already on fifteen percent of iPhones and other iOS devices.

The software has been in the market for several months already. However, it was not quite completed until just last week at the time when the final software update was applied. After the release of iPhone 5 last Wednesday, the latest iOS version was also made public to a number of Apple users.

After a day of availability, iOS 6 still made up more than fifteen percent of iOS traffic to websites being monitored by the online ad network. The uptake is much quicker compared to Android’s versions because of the good reviews way back two years ago.