iOS 6 Will be Announced in WWDC this Monday

As anticipated, Apple finally confirmed the iOS6 and might announce this in the WWDC on Monday. Backing this, Apple displayed banners in the areas of the Moscone with it’s tagline “The world’s most advanced mobile operating system”. With this, many are expecting a whole new changes and enhancements in their iPhones and iPads.

The spreading rumors of the OS X Mountain Lion and the latest iOS6 is finally confirmed according to Apples Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. In addition to that, a sales clerk from Apple shared an important point saying that this latest iOS will bring great opportunities and new industry for developers all around the world.

Clearly, without the concepts and ideas of the late Steve Jobs, this kind of development will not exist. Since it already started and seems not ending anymore, there is surely no room for back outs, continuing the idea is the only thing to do.

So in the coming Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, the beta version of the iOS6 is anticipated to be shared to developers. This might be the most anticipated moment in the meeting.