Launch of iPad 2 in Japan, Delayed by Apple

Its hype can’t compete with earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear plant meltdowns

The cappuccino firm has chosen not to stick with its expected Japanese launch date this coming March 25 in spite of previously selling more than a million of its over-priced iPad 2 tablets over the weekend.

Concerning a new launch date in Japan for the iPad 2 Apple has not yet announced so far but will most likely wait until an appearance of regularity go backs to the island nation that has been overwhelmed by a horrible disaster.

The Japanese have been purchasing Ithings like hotcakes, creating it a very profitable market for the seller of cool prestige different from China which permitted the iPad over its borders only in September 2010. When the fruit themed company released the initial iPad it rapidly sold $4 billion value of them that accounted for 6.1 per cent of its total income that year. That’s a hunk of income that Apple is planning to take out so far once more from its legions of faithful fanbois who have more money than sense.

iPad 2

Natalie Kerris, Apple spokesperson said, “We are delaying the launch of the iPad 2 in Japan while the country and our team focused on recovering from the recent disaster.”

She continued, “Our hearts go out to the people of Japan, including our employees and their families who have been impacted by this terrible tragedy.”

All of its Japanese workers have been tracked and are secure, Apple said.

The cappuccino company has by now drawn contradictory analyst research reports concerning sales stop working for its iPad 2.  There are several analysts are pronouncing that purchasers are new customers and not going back fanbois.  However, Global Equities Research analysts have estimated that 60 percent of iPad 2 purchasers by now possess the first iPad.

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