70% of the iPad 2 Buyers Were New Converts

According to a survey by Gene Munster and his group at Piper Jaffray, the iPad 2 has sold out and 70% of buyers were new to the iPad.

The survey is not ultimate by some way, but it recommends that Apple is increasing its reach at further than its core fans to people who possess many of non-Apple gear.

Numbers of Munster aren’t all the time accurate, although he places much effort into obtaining his guesses consecutively. This time, his group interrogated 236 possible purchasers in lines in New York and Minneapolis. The group as well named several retailers coming across for product.


Munster finished that Apple sold 400,000 to 500,000 units this weekend, weighed against to 300,000 original iPad units sold in its first weekend previous year as of Sunday night.

iPad 2 users

Just for one day, several of the iPad 2 units were sold, with stocks gone by Sunday.  His group was incapable to find a single iPad 2.


The fine indication for Apple is that several new purchasers were buying the iPad 2. By similarity, just 23 percent of iPhone 4 purchasers were new clientele at launch.


Around 51 percent of iPad 2 purchasers were Mac users, whereas 49 percent were PC users. Approximately 74 percent of the innovative iPad purchasers were Mac users. Around 47 percent of the purchasers obtained a 3G model, which is more than $130.


Around 41 percent purchased the 32-gigabyte iPad 2, up from 32 percent who purchased the 32-gigabyte original iPad.  The assessment confirmed that 65 percent of purchasers possessed an iPhone, 24 percent has a Kindle and 17 percent intend to utilize apps and play games, up from 9 percent for the innovative iPad.

photo credit: examiner.com