Rumor: Apple iPad 3 is Coming Out

iPad 3Presently invested in an Apple iPad 2? Well the latest iPad may be approaching earlier than we believe. Records in the iOS 5 beta firmware create orientation to ‘iPad 3.1’ and ‘iPad 3.2.’

WWDC was distinguished for not proclaiming any latest hardware; in its place we got news on the newest edition of iOS5, iCloud and Mac OS X Lion this week.

According the TUAW there’s also a reference to ‘iPhone 4.1’ and ‘iPhone 4.2’ maybe the next iPhone, which would be the fourth as if that wasn’t sufficient. Even though iOS 5 was proclaimed yesterday, there’s no cause why a latest handset won’t be initiated at the same time.

Certainly, we won’t be acquainted with anything until later on in the year, except if the iPad 3 was to be discharged what would you similar to to see? Maybe a dual-core processor to be counterpart with Motorola Xoom or a Retina display? Let us be acquainted with via Twitter.