iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2

iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 will be Released before Summer

Apple seems to be upgrading their line of iPads before the season ends. It is rumored that they are going to release the second part of iPad mini, which is called the iPad mini 2, and a new iPad 5.

The target launching date is said to be this month or May, just ahead of the upcoming new phone in their iPhone line. These new tablets is just ahead of the iOS 7 so these iPads may have the iOS 6.2 and will just have to update to iOS 7 when it is ready. It will not be released this spring since beta versions has not been handed to developers yet for testing.

The Cupertino, California-based company launches new models of iPads in every spring season since the late Steve Jobs unveiled it in 2010. In 2012, Apple released iPad 4 and iPad mini in just a short period of time after releasing the iPad 3 in their traditional releasing dates.

Possible Pricing

iPad mini 2 is said to be more cheaper than the old one. Falling to $299 from $329. iPad mini had a good market sale when it released but bumps with pressure when cheaper similar sized Android Tabs began emerging. iPad 5 could still sit in the $499 pricing slot and could possibly fall down to $399 to end the phase of the iPad 2. The reason for this is that this unit is still using the old 30 pin connector. Apple seem to be phasing out the traditional 30 pin connector, too.

And as expected, iPad mini 2 will feature the retina display. iPad 5 already sports this so it will be featuring another technology or physical changes that could appeal the fans. Is it said to wrap the screen in both sides of the tablet making it larger without having to change the size of the casing.

iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2(image via: ipad5discount)