iPad 5 backlight

iPad 5 to Sport Modified LED Backlights to make it Thinner and Lighter

With the fast growing rumors of the upcoming iPad 5, another reports are adding that Apple will be using new LED backlights to make the full-sized iPads more light and thinner.

According to NPD Display Search, they are anticipating the fifth-generation of Apple tablet will be sporting the modified LED that will make the tablet more effecient. The Cupertino, California-based company is also rumored to change their touch sensor with a much thinner film to make the tablet thinner as possible.

According to analyst Paul Semenza, the much thinner design of the iPad 5 will likely use a much smaller or maybe modified LED for backlight.

iPad fans is widely anticipating that the latest iPad will have a designed same with the iPad mini. Supported with the leaked photos of the rumored iPad glass covers which had different measurements compared to the previous models.

With the advancing display technology, analyst said that the iPad 5 will not sport the more efficient IGZO display panels. However, Apple is rumored to have been preparing for this since 2011. In recent reports, the following idevices this year could sport the IGZO panels specially in iPhones and iPads.

iPad 5 backlight