iPad App Battle Still Continues Between Time Warner Cable and Viacom

It is more getting severe and more controversial regarding the ongoing battle among Time Warner Cable and Viacom over whether the former has the right to comprise Viacom channels on their iPad app.  TWC has filed a demand that a New York District Court rule is obtainable carriage contract with Viacom permits it to stream channels of the Viacom on the iPad.

Marc Lawrence-Apfelbaum, EVP and General Councel for TWC said in a declaration that the company has “steadfastly maintained that we have the rights to allow our customers to view this programming in their homes, over our cable systems, without artificial limits on the screens they can use to do so, and we are asking the court to confirm our view.”

time warner and viacomIn reply, Viacom has filed its own suit against TWC, saying that the last “blatantly grabbed the rights that their competitors have negotiated in good faith to obtain,” whereas their court case alleges that TWC is attempting to “unilaterally change the terms of its contractual relationship” with the company.

Expect this one to continue for a little time. Furthermore, you may desire to get used to an app without MTV or Comedy Central for a moment.

photo credit: reuters.com