iPad’s Market Share will Drop in 2017

NPD, a Market research firm, forecasts that the entire tablet market share of Apple will decrease to just 50% by 2017, that’s just above the line, while Windows RT and Android platform tablets will start climbing up and eat iPad’s domination after 2 years.

According to DisplaySearch’s (a subsidiary group of NPD), Tablet Quarterly report on Thursday, they estimated that the entire tablet market reached 81.6 million units in 2011 – which is dominated by Apple’s iPad – and 424.9 million units by 2017.

Also in the report, it denotes that the worldwide shipments of tabs will exceed those of laptops or notebooks by 2016 because of the features that keeps on upgrading and adding up, production capacity, and specially the Operating System.

“So far in this relatively young product category, the tablet PC market has been dominated by Apple and has tended to include a number of competing products that are similarly configured to the iPad,” according to Richard Shim, an NPD DisplaySearch Senior Analyst.

“However, as the market matures and competitors become better attuned to consumer preferences and find opportunities to break new ground, we expect the landscape to change dramatically, giving consumers more choices, which will drive demand for more devices.” he added.

One of the main differentiators between the variety of tablets currently and the proposed future is which operating system is used, and thus far Apple’s iOS has dominated the space since its introduction in 2010.

The main key between the tablets presently and the proposed key that will hit in the future is the Operating System, the iOS of Apple dominated the entire space and still dominating up until now since it was introduced in 2010.

According to IDC, a research firm, Apple’s iPad domination owns 68% of the total tablet market share.

NPD forecasted that iPad’s market share will drop from this year’s 72.1% to 50.9% in 2017. On the otherhand, tablets in Windows RT and Android platform will start growing from 1.5%to 7.5% and 22.5% to 40.5%.