iPad Mini cases already available on an e-commerce site

The makers of Apple products’ protective cases are now also preparing for the release and introduction of the upcoming iPad Mini, while the company’s component suppliers have begun making a tablet which is smaller compared to the existing iPad now.

In one of the biggest business-to-business e-commerce sites in China, it shows up a lot of public postings of cases for the new iPad that come in different materials and colors. Some of the protective cases had labels saying that it’s for a 7.85-inch tablet, referring to the size of the iPad Mini. The potential buyers of these kinds of sites could be retail stores that may be wanting to sell the cases as soon as Apple Inc. launches their new gadget.

It was in Alibaba.com that the cases for the said iPad Mini came up. Usually, this e-commerce site has become the trading platform for the protective cases made for the products of Apple. Notably, before the launch of iPhone 5 last month, the site also has released cases for the new iPhone. A lot of the manufacturers of those cases are based or just around Shenzhen. Shenzhen is also the location where Foxconn factories are, the one that assembles the products of Apple.

During the first days of October, it was reported by the Wall Street Journal that the Asian component suppliers of Apple have been starting to manufacture the new tab with a 7.85 inch screen. This is comparatively smaller than the current iPad with 9.7-inch screen.

On the other hand, Apple Inc. still has not issued a comment on this report.