iPad Mini to cost between $250 and $300, Apple analyst

The iPad Mini, newest addition to the line of Apple gadgets, is anticipated to be announced the following week and go sale on store shelves a few weeks later.

Now, the only intrigue that’s left of the iPad Mini matter is the price Apple would charge the buyers. According to a note published just this week, an analyst of Apple Gene Munster tells that he is thinking that the device will be charged between $250 and $300, a surprise to all Apple and non-Apple avids.

Why do people not believe the price range given by some Apple analysts to the iPad Mini? The reason behind this is that the company priced its new four-inch iPod Touch at $299. The iPod Touch is smaller than the rumored iPad Mini with 7.85-inch screen, connoting that the bigger the gadget, the more expensive it is. The standard selling price for the current iPad with 9.7-inch screen is at $538 compared to the expensive 3.5-inch iPhone at $624. With this, Apple can definitely give a lesser price for a bigger device relatively.

Moreover, Gene Munster notes that Apple will be capable to afford in charging the new iPad Mini at $250 to $300, thinking that it will first start with an 8-GB storage.