iPad Mini’s prices still unknown

As the technology world awaits for the big blast launching of the rumored iPad Mini from Apple, tech experts, critics and fanatics are now betting and wondering on the cost of the new Apple device. Is it expensive or more expensive?

According to several guesses, the price estimates vary a little. A lot of people say that the smaller version of the iPad has to have a lesser price than the existing iPad now. And if it is priced lesser, what would the following consequences?

Apple is steppin in a market that is controlled by a low-cost leader, none other than the Kindle Fire from Amazon. The newest 7-inch Kindle Fire only costs at $199, as well as major competitors like Nexus 7 of Google.

However, the Cupertino-based company does not need to match with those cheap prices. But then again, a price difference of $200 or $250 would surely make a difference and would be a tough sell. The rumored price for iPad Mini leaked, indicatin that it could start between $250 and $300.

The issue that could arise from this possible cheap price is its pricing of the smaller gadget iPod Touch at $300. Can Apple afford to sell an iPad for a cheaper price when its size is bigger than the smaller iPod Touch?

On the other hand, John Gruber posted on Thursday that the less price for iPad Mini could work. He explained that while smaller devices are sometimes priced less compared to bigger ones, miniature gadgets often come along at a premium. In addition to this, the smaller iPad is not probable to have a display quality of the new, retina-display of iTouch.

Furthermore, Gruber added that iPad Mini is not the premium model when it comes to the tablet lineup, but the bigger iPad is.

The pricing of the new iPad Mini is definitely solid argument. As usual, Apple did not release any comments on this matter, connoting that all people must wait for the rumored October 23 event at San Jose, California.