iPhone 3GS Price Goes Down to $49

Apple and AT&T are decreasing the value of the iPhone 3GS to only $49, starting Jan. 7. The suggest is accessible to latest clientele signing a two-year service agreement and offered ones qualified for an advance, the pair said in a statement.

The iPhone 3GS is upgradeable to iOS 4, allows consumer speak and utilize applications together, and be able to jump on some of AT&T’s 23,000-plus WiFi hotspots.

“Joined with our innovative, lesser monthly data plans starting at only $15 per month, this latest cost carrying even extra worth to one of the most well-liked gadgets in our foremost array of smartphones,” AT&T’s chief marketing officer, David Christopher, said in a report. “We are awfully eager for more people to practice iPhone on the nation’s best mobile broadband network.”

The latest low down cost is hop to lift eyebrows and conjecture. Is this AT&T’s final attempt to make safe as several subscribers as possible prior to contender Verizon proclaims an iPhone of its individual? Is AT&T just cracking down stockroom shelf space previous to it turns on its LTE (Long-Term Evolution) 4G network? Otherwise are the two creating an attempt to fight beside the bargain-priced Android-running handsets recently deluging the market?

cheap iphone 3gs(photo credit: mobilewhack)

T-Mobile, for instance, launched four Android-running phones costed under $100 in November.  Between them was the T-Mobile Comet, alleged to be the lowest-priced 3G Android phone in portfolio of T-Mobile, as well as the LG Optimus boasting at the Consumer Electronic Show, valued at only $30 following a $50 mail-in discount.

Providing confidence to the Verizon theory, analyst Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray said Jan. 3 that the possibility of Verizon beginning a CDMA (code division multiple access) edition of the iPhone about March is 95 percent. Munster anticipates Verizon to make active 9 million iPhones in 2011, accounting for over a third of its whole innovative smartphone activations.

Munster is only just unaccompanied. Media outlets as well as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Forbes have all “corroborated” that a Verizon iPhone will be launched throughout the first quarter of 2011. All that’s missing now is corroboration from Apple or Verizon which is not probable in anticipation of after CES.

Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon CEO will be getting  the phase Jan. 6 to bring a morning keynote, however he is just anticipated to initiate a half-dozen smartphones, every one basically competing to hit out the Apple iPhone. The gadgets will expected all be well-matched with Verizon’s innovative 4G LTE network, furthermore most if not all will run Android—if a Tweet from the Verizon Twitter account, contrasting Android and LTE to chocolate and peanut butter, is to be assumed.

The $49 Apple iPhone 3GS will be accessible at AT&T retail stores and the carrier’s Website, and during Apple sales channels.