iPhone 4 Antennagate Complainants Starting to Receive $15 Checks from Apple

Remember the grip-of-death that labeled the iPhone 4? The one that interrupts the signal when you hold the iPhone 4 in a particular part?

Those who filed lawsuit about the matter against the iPhone maker are now starting to receive a $15-check through email as compensation for the antenna’s problem.

This issue took a very long time before Apple decided to send checks to iPhone 4 owners this week. Some owners are surprised and forgot what it is for.

iphone 4 grip of death

This case was already settled in February 2012. With Apple’s compliance, they are sending either a free bumper case or a $15 check, depends on what the member of the lawsuit prefers.

Apple preferably wants to offer the free bumper cases, this was their first fix for the issue. This bumper case will cover the metal siding of the phone, which is also a part of phone’s antenna.

According to users who experienced the interruption, the phone loses signal when you cover the bottom left corner.