iPhone 5 dominates market as pre-order sells 20 times faster than the previous iPhones

Pre-orders for the new iPhone sold out like they were hotcakes.

The pre-orders for iPhone 5 started at midnight and after about sixty minutes of its launching time, the new iPhone appeared to outrun iPhone 4 and 4s sells previously. Apple had to adjust shipping projections from one to two weeks because of the overwhelming demand of the consumers after one hour that it went live for pre-orders.

The high demand for iPhone 5 had cause problems to both the website of Apple and some of the wireless carriers’ sites. Consumers received error messages when they are trying to pre-order the new Apple gadget.

However, critics say that the overwhelming demand does not justify the look of iPhone 5. There are some who say that the previous iPhones were more mind-melting compared to the new iPhone. Though the new device looks great with its improved speed and bigger screen, the innovation and the improvement is not really justifiable with the pre-orders rate.

But for most people, it still doesn’t matter. They are ready to purchase the new iPhone whatever the critics say.