iPhone 5 sales are strong, but iPad sales could frustrate investors

In 2012, Apple Inc.’s sales results were reported to be low. However, iPhone 5 was one of the best selling gadgets of last year and it was the iPad that did not have the same sales level due to supply issues.

An analyst from JPMorgan Chase & Co., Mark Moskowitz and his team has found out that the near-term constraints of Apple’s supplies in November has impacted and affected the sales of iPad.

Originally, Moskowitz has estimated that Apple Inc. would sell iPad units at 20.1 million during the month of December. But now, the current prediction is at 18.4 million iPad units. Moskowitz explained that lighter iPad units could discourage investors, but the team is believing that the “miss” is reasonable. Looking it on other angle, it was a supply issue and not about the demand.

Regardless of the strong sales for iPhone 5, some concerns are still lurking that consumers have lost their interest for the smartphone, having reports that there are weaker-than-expected sales and demand for the smartphone. On the other hand, Moskowitz and his team have lessened apprehensions, expected sales of 47.9 million for December. He also speculated that Apple Inc. is enhancing its yields for the production of iPhone 5.

Moreover, Moskowitz is also expecting that Apple’s gross margins may regain faster than most analysts are expecting and this could be an affirmative thing for Apple’s stock.¬†Additionally,¬† he is anticipating that the problem will subside quicker if the component cuts are definitely connected to manufacturing yields, thus gross margins should jump back.



iPhone 5 sales are strong, but iPad sales could frustrate investors


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