iPhone 5 will have a 19-pin Dock Connector

Just like what we posted a while ago about the rumor of the new dock connector of the upcoming iPhone 5, it seems to be true. A video from TechCrunch showing a back shell casing of the new iPhone doesn’t have a slot for the previously used 30-pin dock connector.

This is going to be a bad news for those who bought accessories like docking speakers who use the 30-pin dock slot. According to the report, Apple is on the works for the new 19-pin dock connector for the new iPhone that will kick off later this year.

The back casing details came from independent accessory manufacturers who is also knowledgeable about the report. They said Apple already has it in store, these accessory manufacturers are only waiting for the official announcements by Apple for the new iPhone before they start cranking up for the new accessories for the new dock connector.

Some of the design changes that came from rumors seems to be true too. The new back casing appears to be taller than the iPhone 4s but still has the same width, the bottom speakers appears to be bigger than the 19-pin dock, and of course Apple is jumping out from the 3.5-inch screen replacing it with a 4 inches. The 3.5mm jack has moved to the bottom of the phone instead of having it on the top.

That’s it for now, we don’t claim that all of these are official, still, we have to wait for the official announcements from Apple.