Over-the-Air Updates

Over-the-Air Updates May be Possible with Next iPhone

The day where you don’t have to plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod into your processor to inform its working scheme might be shut at hand. There’s a story that iOS 5 will be able of over-the-air updates.

Apple has been talking with Verizon Wireless according to 9to5 Mac‘s manifold basis to provide the over-the-air updates, but the basis wouldn’t remark on whether the same discussions were taking place with AT&T.

Apple will require to create basic modifies in the way its information work for iOS updates to be brought over-the-air for one thing, Apple will require to discontinue needing a download of the whole operating system for a easy update.

Over-the-Air Updates

Maybe Apple will allow these updates to take place just over Wi-Fi connections, as it does for some great app downloads. Just for the sake of competence it would be a good design to propel incremental updates; comparable to the way Microsoft has been informing its operating systems for years yet if that’s the case, in small pieces as they become obtainable.

This would be a longed-for and welcome ability, a feature that’s ordinary in the Android operating system. Therefore how much longer must we stay? Certainly, Apple’s not saying, but general agreement is that iOS 5 will start on when the iPhone 5 ships, and now the latest iPhone rumor is that it won’t be occurrence in June or July, as many had expected. Another new statement said the next iPhone would be delivery in September.