iPhone still the best seller for Verizon

iPhone 5 still a best seller.

This fourth quarter of 2012, Verizon Communications Inc. has sold a huge quantity of iPhones, but only half of those units were iPhone 5. But the new iPhone is still a huge seller, just not well as the carrier had predicted it.

According to sources, supply constraints are to hold responsible for the lesser selling of iPhone 5, after two months when it was released. The issue has frustrated a lot of users who want to upgrade their iPhones to the newest. Additionally, the lesser sales may be due to to the discounted prices for previous models like iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

Verizon has sold about 6.2 million iPhone gadgets, which is a 48 percent increase from the previous year. About half of the units sold were iPhone 5, listing 3.1 million.

Analysts from Monness Crespi & Hardt reduced their share price target for Apple, with just a total of fifty million sales for iPhone for one quarter, saying that this would pose a positive surprise.

Furthermore, iPhone still is the top choice for all major carriers, which includes Verizon Communications Inc., Sprint Nextel Corporation, and AT&T Inc.

iPhone still the best seller for Verizon