iPhone Clock Do Ruin Time Change

The users of iPhone in the US sprinkled Twitter and blogs with grievances yesterday, March 13 when their phones mismanaged the one-hour “spring forward” to daylight savings time that went into result on the weekend.

There is one who complained about missing church, one of just about missing yoga.  One named her iPhone unintelligent and some just inquired for help.

It makes several phones of the users fell back one hour rather than springing onward, creating the time displayed on the iPhone two hours off.

This is presently the newest clock sadness for iPhone of Apple.  A clock hitch prohibited alarms from sounding on New Year’s Day, reasoning napping revelers to sleep too long.

iPhone Time Change

The gadgets as well resisted to change to the last part of daylight saving time in the US back in November.

Daylight savings time in Australia does not finish until the beginning of April.

Twitter was abuzz with an easy answer, either close down and start again the phone, or switch the phone to “airplane mode” and after that back.

The hitch concerned iPhone owners who subscribed for phone service all the way through both AT&T and Verizon.

photo credit: devicemag.com