iPhone5 vs. BlackBerry Z10

Which is better: iPhone5 or BlackBerry Z10?

Earlier this week, RIM has launched its newest gadget, a smartphone BlackBerry Z10 and has accumulated a lot of interest from tech experts and consumers, cheers to several enhancements in its features. Regardless of all the interest, there’s still a million out there who want to know the comparison between Apple’s iPhone5 and RIM’s BB Z10.

A remarkable feature is that the newest phone from BlackBerry has a slightly larger display compared to iPhone5’s display. The BB Z10’s sharper display with 355 ppi in comparison to iPhone5’s 326 ppi.

For the first time, BlackBerry users can hold video chats using the new BB Z10 which is called the BBM Video Chat, response to Apple’s FaceTime.

Both smartphones do not feature the old-style QWERTY typeset, because they are already a touchscreen model with word prediction on. iPhone5 and BB
Z10 both have cameras with equal megapixel count.

iPhone5 vs. BlackBerry Z10

Furthermore, regardless of the few improved features on BlackBerry Z10, it is still looked forward if the new smartphone will be a success or not. As for the iPhone5, it is currently on the top along with Samsung’s Galaxy S3.