IPO for LinkedIn Rises to 109% on First Day

The biggest professional networking website, LinkedIn (LNKD) more than doubled to $94.25 on its initial day of trading (Thursday) after its first public offering.  Renaissance Capital says since 2001, it is one of only seven IPOs to double in its first day, following the dot-com bubble explode.

For an Internet stock, it is a powerful opening, its 109% increase was the most excellent since China’s Oihoo 360 hopped 134% in March, is probably to stir up the investing interest of the public in the Internet’s previous buzzword: social networking.

Matt Therian of Renaissance says, “LinkedIn is the first one (social-networking company) out.  LinkedIn has validated there’s quite a bit of interest.”

IPO for LinkedInStrong reception of LinkedIn with investors is being sighted as a milestone for the IPO market for the reason that it is a:

1. Stage-setter for other social-media IPOs to come: Francis Gaskins of IPOdesktop.com says, as investors are excitedly waiting the IPOs of Facebook and Twitter, for the moment, the choice is LinkedIn.

Putting in to the shortage of the agreement is the truth the offering was somewhat little.  Only 7.8 million or 10% of its shares were presented, Renaissance’s Therian says.

2.  Sign investors are willing to take chances on up-and-coming companies: Gaskins says, while LinkedIn has over 100 million registered uses, and turned an income of $15 million previous year, the company projects it will drop money this year.

3. Rich assessment for a immature company: The company is worth at $8.9 billion at closing price, creating it value over 167 companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500.  In 2010 investors are paying 578 times what the company earned and 37 times its income.

In spite of talk of LinkedIn being a throwback to the fizz years, its initial day increase of 109% does not get nearer the 698% 606% and 525% initial day increases by the record-holders VA Linux in 1999, in 1998 TheGlobe.com and Foundry in 1999, according to Jay Ritter of the University of Florida.

photo credit: kentucky.com