Latest iPod Touch is a Smartphone

The most observed gadget manufacturer in the world can at this time legally declare that the latest edition of the iPod touch is over just an MP3 player.

The gadget at present contains the “Face Time” video conferencing service, permitting consumers to telephone over the internet.

Being the flagship of Apple’s MP3 player line, iPod touch looked alike an iPhone. Everything that was lost was the cellular service part. The fourth age group of the music player, currently striking the market, remains somewhat below a full-featured smart phone; so far at present it can utilize the internet to make phone calls.

Furthermore, the device, gauging in at just 7.2 millimeters in width, supports “Face Time” videoconferencing — no different in wow factor brought in by Apple for the iPhone 4.

Apple is releasing totally revised editions of the lesser iPod nano and iPod Shuffle models at the same time as the fourth generation of the iPod touch hits the stores.

Market watcher Michael Gartenberg said after looking at the iPod appearance from Apple CEO Steve Jobs, “Anybody who declared that the iPod has arrived at the last part of its life series was totally mistaken.”

The appearance for the fourth generation of the iPod touch looks like the iPhone, considered as the former’s bigger brother.  The similarities start with the A4 chip modeled by Apple.  The unit now has “retina display” (960 x 640 pixels) that has made iPhone 4 dons of praises.

The only different feature is the camera, incapable in fitting with the fine optics of the iPhone.  The iPod touch corresponds to the iPhone 4 in taking HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos.  The gadget shoots three quick successive photos in different lighting settings, and computes the optimally lit HDR image.

Apple continues to place the gadget more pointedly than ever as a mobile gaming console.  This contrasts the Playstation Portable (PSP) from Sony and the DS console from Nintendo.  The creation of novel games are facilitated by hardware functions such as gyro sensor which measures rotation or changes rotational motions.