Isis Connects With the Biggest Credit Card Powerhouses

isisIsis, the mobile-payments business enterprise from AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, achieved a major win, signing agreements with credit card powerhouses American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard.

The agreement will provide Isis the capability to connect smartphones to credit cards from four of the largest names in the credit card industry, and it pushes the venture past both Google Wallet and Sprint’s own wave-and-pay service, which are both set to work merely with MasterCard.

All three competing services offer the same thing, using a smartphone as a mobile wallet permitting consumers to pay for goods by waving phones over scanners, instead of pulling a credit card out of a purse or wallet.

The third biggest mobile carrier in the United States, Sprint, has said it is working to launch its service before this year ends.  Google Wallet is up and running, but just around 1 in 100 MasterCard-accepting retailers presently allow mobile payments and only the Nexus S 4G phone could be used.

Isis, which was announced on November 2010, is scheduled to launch in 2012 in Salt Lake City and Austin, Texas.