Israel’s Prime Minister to Direct Talks with Palestinians

Direct talks between the Israel and Palestinians are being approved by the Arab League as announced by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During the meeting of the ministers of Likud, the major center-right political party at Israel, the approved talks will happen in mid-August.

At a weekly cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated that in the past few weeks he had some meetings with other foreign leaders. The meetings only have one goal, and this is to have “a more convenient environment for launching direct talks with the Palestinians.” The prime minister further added that he requested Palestinian president to “launch peace talks and accept the international community’s call.” While having the peace talks, the security arrangements must be maintained well as a basic condition for the talks.

With regard to the firing of rockets at Gaza strip over the weekend, Prime Minister Netanyahu believes that it is part of Hamas’ responsibility: a Muslim brotherhood that is unwilling to recognize Israel’s right to exist and sees holy war as the religious duty of every Muslim. According to him, Hamas is “directly responsible for all of the attacks on Israel.”

“We should strike while the iron is hot,” said Minister Daniel Hershkowitz of Science and Technology. The lack of significant response to the attacks on Israel may lead to “an escalation to the situation.”

Israel is a small country; the attacks may be a great threat for the future of the State of Israel. While the situation can still be handled, then peace talks should be very well negotiated so as to remain Israel a “Jewish people’s nation.”