iTunes ‘Customer’ Assessment, Checked Up by PR Firm Staff

The United States controller have believed a public affairs corporation has decided to resolve allege that it had workers pose as evenhanded computer game purchasers and post evaluation at Apple’s online iTunes store.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the transaction needs Reverb Communications and its proprietor, Tracie Snitker, to take away such potentially misleading appraisals and desist from the carry out.

Mary Engle, FTC division of advertising practices director said, “Companies, as well as public affairs firms concerned in online promotion require standing for by long-held main beliefs of fact in publicity.”


“Endorsers must make it understandable when they have financial relations to supplier and advertisers be not supposed to pass themselves off as normal customers pushing a product.”

Last year FTC said that anybody advertising online supports or testimonials have to reveal if they have some relations to the supplier or are being rewarded in some means for reviews.

California-based Reverb gives advertising and community affairs services to electronic game makers.

According to the FTC, connecting November of 2008 and May of the subsequent year, Reverb placed reviews at iTunes concerning customers games in ways that offered the feeling the interpretation “were printed by fair-minded customers.”

FTC said, Reverb was unsuccessful to reveal that it was appointed to endorse the games and frequently acknowledged a proportion of sales.