J2 Introduced as Second-Generation Mirrorless Camera, Nikon

On Thursday, Nikon announced its second-generation mirrorless camera model Nikon 1 J2. This too fires up the battle between Nikon vs. Canon with the mirrorless octagon. Basically, Nikon is still leading against its biggest rival as J2’s introduction entered in.

The features of the latest Nikon J2 are one way or another the same with J1, having a fast speed of 73-point autofocus system that changes for each shot in the ten-frames-per-second burst mode of the camera, the 13.2 by 8.8 mm, ten-megapixel CMOS sensor, as well as the point-and-shoot-like body size. The new mirrorless camera also has a 1080p video capture at thirty fps, aperture- and shutter-priority modes, manual exposure controls, and a pop-up flash.

The new feature offered by this model is the option for casual shooters. Nikon J2 offers a Creative Mode menu on its mode dial, which puts in features like point-and-shoot-style to the camera. This includes a tilt-shift-simulating Miniature mode, an exposure-bracketing night Landscape mode, a motion-controlled Easy Panorama mode, and a Selective Color mode that allows you to highlight one color in a shot of black-and-white.

In addition to this, J2 has a LCD screen of 921K-dot 3-inch. The spec of J2 corresponds to a significant upgrade. An enhancement for J2 is booting up once the attached lens is unlocked.

The price of the new mirrorless camera model will be listed at $250 less compared to the EOS M of Canon.