Jack Dorsey is Back in Twitter

Jack Dorsey is back to be Twitter’s exec.

This was proven after he tweeted: Today I’m thrilled to get back to work at @Twitter leading product as Executive Chairman.  And yes: leading @Square forevermore as CEO.

The return of Dorsey has been welcome by the commentariat.  But we wonder how he is going to manage his time when he has to find time for his other start-up, Square.

A source from Business Insider says “Jack is amazing.  He works from 5 or 6 am until midnight.” …

A regular employee in Twitter says it would be a risk to bring back Dorsey the company especially for its current management.

Jack Dorsey twitter

“It would be like hoping that Steve Jobs and [one time Apple CEO] Gil Amelio would work together long-term. There can only be one.”

“Jack is a God there now. [Current Twitter CEO] Dick [Costolo] is a funny guy. God wins.”

Twitter seems to be a company that has lost its way.  The #dickbar fiasco worsened it and has been unpleasant.

For this, Twitter hopes everything will be settled and brought back to normal by Jack Dorsey.

photo credit: blogs.riverfronttimes.com