Jailbreak Evasi0n Hits Record High

For the past week, Apple Inc. has been knocked-off by the highest mass-hacking event in the company’s history.

Almost seven million users of Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch have cracked into the devices’ restrictions. They have used the recently released jailbreak tool Evasi0n.

According to the administrator of the app store for jailbroken devices called Cydia, Jay Freeman, the hacking app for the iOS is now recognized as the fastest-adopted jailbreak software in the history of Apple.

On Thursday, results have shown that the alternative app store of Freeman had picked up about 400,000 visits from iPod touch users, 5.15 million from iPhones, and 1.35 million iPads. These were jailbroken with Evasi0n, which is the very first software for jailbreaking on iOS 6.1 and iPhone 5. There were no accurate numbers for the jailbreaks. But Freeman noted that Evasi0n has led Cydia to more traffic than ever compared to the Absinthe.

Jailbreak Evasi0n Hits Record High

Moreover, the increase in demand is because of the fact that there is a larger number of iPhones sold in the market, about 136 million units last year. With the popularity of Evasi0n, Freeman explained that smartphones have been becoming more famous in these days, but they have kept up a closed experience that makes it harder for users to get the apps they wanted. Thus turning into jailbreaking is the only way for them to do this.

Additionally, Freeman stated that the high anticipation for the release of the jailbreak tool for iOS 6.1 and iPhone 5 had also built for a long period of time compared to the previous unit. Hackers need to consume one year tp crack iOS 6.1. This is why the new tool made it huge in the industry.