Japan Tragedy Greatly Affects Production of Apple Gadgets

Product cycles of Apple are attractive much expected. The iPhone revive–or iPhone 5–is alleged to be targeted for a June release. On the other hand, the Japan tragedy may grounds postponement due to supply troubles.

Analysts say that NAND flash memory is possible to be in short supply in about three months’ time while there is no immediate effect on Apple products. iSuppli, which lately did a teardown of the iPad 2, says the probable NAND flash memory deficiency might midpoint on Toshiba, which gives around 40% of the world’s supply.

Other companies will as well experience the crisis aside from Apple. Other tier 1 firms and Apple, similar to HP, Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung, are expected to be given precedence for components and supplies. Minor companies may not be that fortunate, however. Perhaps other components that have manufacturing bases in Japan and they are not just in NAND flash memory chips.

Japan Tragedy

For one, Toshiba is still appraising the feasibility of its fabrication plants, given the new rolling blackouts, which are a result of the Fukishina nuclear incident.


The upcoming is said to be doubtful at the moment, and electronics companies will have to look for option sources of supply, or modify their designs, if they would like to go on with their common product cycles. If we’re anticipating thrilling innovative devices in the next three to four months, we may have to hold our breaths until the time comes that we’re certain our most wanted brands will have sufficient supply of parts and components.

photo credit: prdaily.com