Jupiter Comes Closer to Earth

A reasonably unusual possibility of looking at the amazing Jupiter, largest planet of the solar system, extremely close enough to the Earth’s satellite moon is coming this Monday, September 20, 2010. The solar system’s 5th planet will be brilliantly shining beside with the moon in the night.

The NASA Science News article affirms that on September 20, Jupiter will be in so far as 75 million km (around 46 million miles) nearer than prior meets and will not be this close once more until 2022.

Jupiter and Earth

Jupiter will go up in the east as the sun locates and ascend across the heavens as the brightest thing in the heavens separately from the moon. By midnight it will exist straight in the clouds. It will locate in the west just earlier than sunrise.

The said planet called for the Roman king of the gods, draws near to the Earth approximately every 12 years. Since 1963, this is the closest the planet that has come to Earth.  It will not be this close again until 2022.

Jupiter can simply be observed with the bare eye; however, a telescope will give an even improved outlook. Binoculars, also, can help stargazers.

In normal circumstances, Moon and planet Venus are the brightest objects observed in the night sky by way of Jupiter being the third in the line up. However, as Jupiter is anticipated to be nearer enough to Earth than Venus, it will erode the shine of Venus. So let us just expect for an inspiring show by before time next week.

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  1. Deborah Anderson
    July 11, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    Can you tell me where you got the photo of Earth and Jupiter from this story? http://weeble.net/jupiter-comes-closer-to-earth/653/

    I’m working on a textbook and the authors would like to use the same photo.



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