Justin Bieber Rumored to Destroy Rising Fame

Fame is always accompanied with jealousy. With jealousy comes a scheme.

It is not anymore alarming when you hear news, rather intrigues about famous artists. Some are just mere storytelling and a few of those are only “created” to have something to talk about. So, it is not agitating to hear that Justin Bieber has a romantic relationship with his mother.

Justin Bieber, as young as he is, is already known for his pop songs like One Time and Baby By. He was also rumored to be gay because of his not-so-manly voice. Of course, Bieber fans still don’t agree with this. His voice is never a criterion to tell if he’s gay or not. With regard to his so-called romantic relationship with his mother, critics say that it’s only an attack to destroy Bieber’s high-rising fame. Moreover, Bieber fans say that this whole new scheme is another work of the Bieber haters.

Again, fame, jealousy and scheme are all interrelated.