Kabul is Ready for a Much-awaited International Conference

There are more or less 70 countries all over the world that are attending a historical conference in the Kabul, Afghan’s capital city. This international conference has been set despite the fact that there is some deadly violence shaking around the city.

Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, is among the many important people who is joining the historical international conference on Tuesday.

The international guests are hoping to see and expect a speech from Afghanistan’s President, Hamid Karzai. They expect him to speak about calls for greater control of foreign aid for the country’s planned reconstruction.

The conference is a one-day talk about Afghanistan’s plan for its future. In three decades, this will be the biggest international conference that Kabul will be hosting. Thus, preparing and setting out security forces around the city. A lot of security checkpoints were deployed on the streets, overnight on Monday.

For the past few months, Kabul has been threatened by the presence of the Taliban, who by all means, were not afraid of having suicide attacks in the city. But, Afghanistan authorities have been conducting meetings on the security of everyone in the international conference.

According to internal ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary, they are 100% prepared for this event. But he admitted that this do not imply that everything will happen as set out in their plans.